1100 packets of M M’s per minute thanks to the new Mars production line

1100 packets of M M’s per minute thanks to the new Mars production line

Mars, one of the leading manufacturers ofóin and exporteróin productsóin chocolate, opens a new production line at the chocolate factory in Janaszówku near Sochaczew. Mars Polska's new production line in Janaszówku will be able to produce 1,100 packets of M dragees&M’s (45g) per minute, whichóre are the most popular confectionery brand in the world (Euromonitor). Investment in Janaszówku is a response to the growing demand for M&M’s in Poland, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Mars Polska factory complex near Sochaczew is one of the company's largest capital investments in the world. The Mars factory complex near Sochaczew includes: a chocolate factory in Janaszówku, two factories of ready-made food for animals and a milk factory with dairy status in Kożuszki Parcel. Total financial outlays, whichóre company has earmarked for launching a production line of chocolate M&M’s, amounted to PLN 302 million. This is another step in the long-term investments initiated by the company in Poland as early as 1992.

– Investments in the factory complex and the opening of a new production line for M&M’s near Sochaczew are a response to the growing demand for our products, not only in Poland, but also on the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. Janasz factoryówku will increase its production capacity by 25,000 tons per year, which will allow us to meet the expectations of our consumersów and customerów. Mars loves Poland and we enjoy every moment we feel that Poland loves Mars” – comments Gilles Morel, Regional President Europe & Eurasia, Mars Chocolate.

By launching a production line of M&M’s in Janaszówku additionally created 70 jobs. In addition, it can be estimated that the investment will indirectly affect the creation of another 300-350 jobs in the region.

„Where you see a concentration of modern industry there is an increase in prosperity. We are pleased that companies such as Mars are positively influencing the development of theój economic of the region, the country and this part of the world, while confirming Poland's attractiveness to further investorsów” – adds Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński, whoóry visited the headquarters of Mars Poland near Sochaczew on the day the new line was opened.

– At our factory, we have invested in innovative solutions thatóre are environmentally friendly. Currently, it is one of the most modern plantsóin production in Poland and around the world. The factory offers very good working conditions and a unique organizational culture based on the Five Principles. Most of our Wspóeatsów employed at the factory are residents of the Sochaczew area” – informs Krzysztof Dyner, Director of the Mars Polska Factory in Janaszówku.

Currently, Mars Poland chocolate factory in Janaszówku exports 70% of its production to more than 60 countriesóin Europe (including Scandinavian countries, the UK), the Middle East (including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates) and Africa. The remaining 30% goes to consumersóin Poland.