‘Fashionable’ diets – why they are so popular

‘Fashionable’ diets – why they are so popular

Paleo diet, protein diet, oxy diet, or finally – most popular in recent months – gluten-free diet. All have zarówno its supportersów, as well as opponentów. In the maze of so much information available about them on the Internet, it's worth asking questions – Does fashion go hand in hand with healthy efficiency? Do „diet-miracle” are good for everyone? Konrad Gaca will answer these and other questions – expert on. nutrition, trainer.

The phenomenon of a gluten-free diet

As of 2011, the world, mówiąc krótko, went crazy on the gluten-free diet. Gluten, który is a mixture of proteins, glutenin and gliadin, found in grains someóof cerealsó¿, e.g. Wheat, rye and barley, has been found guilty of disrupting the digestive system and, consequently, stomach ailments and lack of energy in individualsób, które do not suffer from celiac disease 1 . The news spread very quickly and gave rise to the gluten-free diet that is so popular today.

Gluten – good or bad?

Is gluten withdrawal good for everyone? Not necessarily. First of all, eliminating one ingredient from your daily food will not make you „As if by magic rój” lose weight, get past stomach problems and have more energy.

Here it is worth considering why people who follow a gluten-free diet are satisfied with it. Powód is not really about giving up gluten. Otó¿ in products thatóre contain gluten is róother ingredient as well, and it is the restriction of this ingredient that affects our better well-being – I mean carbohydrates. Only 20% of the population boasts excellent glucose tolerance, so the rest should control the consumption of the right amount of carbohydrateów. If they do not do this and suddenly apply their drastic restriction (consciously or not), the effects in the form of losing kilograms ofów will be visible. However, this does not mean that the effectiveness of such a diet is healthy for our body.

Another issue is the fact that a person whoóra applies e.g. gluten-free diet, he automatically thinks about what he consumes and as a result begins to eat healthier. This is obviously a positive development. However, each of us is an individual, so giving up eating gluten on our own, without consulting a doctor or nutritionist, may not be healthy for our bodies, and therefore – can lead to a deficiency of B vitamins, folic acid, zinc, selenium, calcium or magnesium.

Diet-miracle” does not exist

Saying „for everyone something good” will never work with the approach to nutrition. Therefore, there is no such thing as „diet-miracle”, którą can be used by anyone and the effect will always be the same.

What to do when we want to lose weight? The most important – Let's lose weight systematically and with our heads. Forget the approach – „helped someone, it will help me too”. We are individuals and so let's approach our nutrition. Let's stop believing in miracles and entrust our health to specialists.

7 simple rules – and life will become healthier

Not „diet-miracle”, But the systematic wayób nutrition will help us in the fight against excess weightów. Systemic wayób nutrition begins first of all with a consultation with a specialist, an expert on the. nutrition. It is he who will do the appropriate research and adjust the wayób nutrition to each person individually. Only weight loss under the guidance of a nutritionist can bring satisfactory and healthy results! Such thatóre not going to be ruined by yo-yo effects.

It is worth róalso remember a few rules, thanks to whichóIf we want to lose weight, our life will really become better and healthier.

  1. The basic principle of healthy eating is the regularity of mealsów. The rule about whichórej everyone knows, but not everyone applies.
  2. The second important thing is the right proportions of protein, carbohydrateów and fatóin each meal – however, you need to change their proportions.
  3. Forgetting breakfast? This is a mistake – Another rule is to eat an energy breakfast, whichóre will affect the whole day.
  4. Don't give up dinner! If you want to reduce unnecessary poundsów, put on a protein dinner, która has an extremely positive effect on hormonal balance.
  5. Give up dwóch additivesów to eat – salt and sugar. It won't be easy, but the results are worth it. Sól retains water in the body, and sugar is not only fattening, but contributes to many diseasesób.
  6. Water, water and more water – Its systematic drinking will speed up Twój metabolism. The best is medium-mineralized and non-carbonated.
  7. And the last rule – You need to eat the right fats. The most valuable are unsaturated fats, whichóre strengthen immunity and help maintain proper cholesterol levels.


President of the Obesity Prevention Association „Fatkillers”, Master class nutritionist and trainer. Lecturer in public health at the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin. Inspirer of change, by many patientóin called „skimotwórca”. Author of bestselling books „My weight loss” i „Kitchen Fit”.

1 A disease caused by the body's immune response induced by gluten and related prolamines, occurring in waspsógenetically predisposed.