5 elements that influence a good mobile campaign in SEM in 2021

5 elements that influence a good mobile campaign in SEM in 2021

5 elements influencing a good mobile campaign in SEM in 2021

If you are launching a mobile campaign in SEM in 2021 you should prepare well for it. I've compiled a list of best practices and elements that will influence its success, and unproven ones can make it a complete failure.

1. Page loading speed in mobile

You will check it with Lighthouse (Console tab in Chrome, launched with the F12 button). Keep in mind that suggestions do not always translate 1:1 into results, and it is the web designer who will best judge the priorities for implementing improvements. Consider that it may be time for a new page? The cheapest way to implement WordPress is on a ready-made customized skin, but it too should be tested and optimized.

2. Site usability

Test the site with Hotjar. Record your users and see if they can handle your shopping cart and site features. The tool is RODO compliant and, in the free version, allows for simple tests with a limit on recordings. If necessary, remember that a good SEO specialist or dedicated UX specialist has years of experience in the field, and such an independent opinion is needed due to the fact that we ourselves always evaluate our own site differently from users.

Work at the grassroots: make sure that all phone numbers on your site are clickable and that you measure conversions from those clicks in Google Analytics.

3. Keywords

Here, focus on covering answers to potential questions users type into Google or ask Google Assistant. Search for them using Semrush, Senuto, Semstorm by analyzing the bases, but also your competition.

Groundwork: Find out for which keywords in Ads and landing pages for google/organic you have the biggest difference in effectiveness in mobile segments vs. desktop and try to understand why.

4. YouTube presence

The second largest search engine in Poland, the largest service with video and you are not there yet? Make videos and act organically supporting e.g.: VidIQ plugin to help you preview your competitors' tags or see what's missing from your descriptions and titles. Consider the fact that the answers to the questions in the previous paragraph will work perfectly as videos. Embedding videos as well as product videos can also have a positive impact on dwell-time on the site and better respond to users' needs.

In terms of SEM campaigns, pay attention to bumper ads creatives, which are very effective in terms of ad-recall and brand awareness parameters. These 6-second ads are perfect for remarketing. The second important aspect is the additional user data you can use on YouTube: from remarketing based on behavior, to additional audience group categories only available on YouTube.

5. Features in Google Ads

Finally, a list of features that have a particular impact on the results of mobile campaigns.

Ad extensions: not only do they have a direct impact on your ad's ranking, but in addition, it is especially on mobile devices that you can raise the CTR of your ads on high positions with them. Pay attention to link extensions and links, but if you are advertising a local business then the most important extension will be the location extension.

IF feature in ads: allows you to create a special version of the ad for mobile users. Use it if you can improve your ad content with device context.

Adjust rates: you can vary your rates by device segment, but better test CPA and ROAS strategies. Can give better results if the system learns to adjust rates for you accordingly.