Air Products launches Freshline® IQF freezing tunnel

Air Products launches Freshline® IQF freezing tunnel

Higher throughput and lower production costs while maintaining high quality – Air Products launches Freshline freezer tunnel® IQF+

Air Products solutions for the food and beverage industry at POLAGRA-TECH 2022,

September 21-24, pavilion 5, booth 112

Air Products supports the manufactureróin food in achieving higher volumes ofóin production while maintaining high quality thanks to the latest solution for rapid freezing of single portions of the productów – Freshline tunnel ® IQF+ (Individually Quick Frozen Plus).

IQF tunnels offered by Air Products already provide flexibility and quality, even for the smallest productów. Freshline Freezer Tunnel® IQF+ now gives you the ability to produce large quantities of individually frozen productów with high quality at minimum cost. This tunnel can individually and quickly freeze any whole product or its outer surface (shrimp, fruit, meat…) without compromiseóin terms of hygiene, safety or quality.

Freshline's compact, easy-to-install, easy-to-start and easy-to-operate freezing tunnel® IQF+ is the solution for volumeóin excess of even 1.5 tons per hour, which was the maximum for standard IQF freezer tunnels until now. The front end of the new tunnel generates a soft rocking motion so that the products do not stick together, while almost instantaneous freezing preserves product properties.

New cryogenic tunnel has róalso very high efficiency, providing lower nitrogen consumption. Janusz Paździora, Food Market Manager for Central Europe, Air Products, explains:

„Thanks to a unique cold transfer system specially developed by an expertów from Air Products' R&D department, we have been able to ensure optimum performance of liquid nitrogen, whichóry acts as a refrigerant. This in turn allows for an ultra-fast process and higher quality at a lower costów operational w leeksóIn comparison with other cryogenic tunnels or immersion freezing devices on the market”.

State-of-the-art hygiene solutions used in the Freshline freezing tunnel ® IQF+ simplify cleaning and ensure full compliance with international standards.