Implementation in PWA TWA Cordova using Dietly as an example

Implementation in PWA TWA Cordova using Dietly as an example

Implementation in PWA+TWA+Cordova on the example of Dietly

E-point implemented a mobile client panel for Poland's largest diet catering marketplace – Dietly.

Dietly ( is a search engine and comparison of more than 300 companies offering diet catering, which allows you to order boxed diets online in thousands of locations throughout Poland. Thanks to tens of thousands of customer reviews, expert reviews and a preview of the current menu, or current price lists, everyone will find a diet catering tailored to their needs. In addition, Dietly's universal customer panel allows you to manage your order – deliveries, or menus to the extent that catering using Dietly's panel solution allows you to do so.

Mobile user experience

Dietly, wanting to match its offer to the growing expectations of mobile customers, bet on launching the customer panel in the form of an application – previously built as PWA (Progressive Web Apps) – available in TWA and Apache Cordova technology on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

– Seeing the high engagement and conversions in the catering customer panel, we decided to take it a step further and allow customers to download mobile apps that would always be at hand on their phone. Another step making it easier for both consumers and diet caterers to communicate using new technologies. For the time being, customers of caterers using the Dietly panel have the opportunity to m.In. Managing addresses, delivery dates, and collecting loyalty points or meal exchanges and rating – comments Przemyslaw Skokowski, CEO of Dietly.

What TWA gives you?

In most cases, TWA (Trusted Web Activities) can completely replace a native application. The main benefits of using this technology are:

– faster and cheaper production process than native applications,

– facilitated update process, so users always use the current version of the application,

– data sharing – both app and website data are collected in one place, so users don't have to re-enter login data and can easily find content they have previously viewed,

– significantly smaller application size than native applications.

What Apache Cordova gives you?

Apache Cordova is a framework that has libraries and interfaces that give access to a wide range of device APIs running on various operating systems, including iOS from Apple.

Thanks to its use, regardless of the system, all functions of the application work in the same or similar way. We use it as an extended form of container for a PWA app, which for end users functions and engages just like native apps.

PWA and supporting solutions such as TWA and Apache Cordova frees the company from the need to independently develop the site and applications for different systems, as changes are made in only one place.

The implementation is divided into three stages:

1. Configure accounts and company and app settings in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. Packaging of Dietly's customer panel using Apache Cordova and TWA technologies.

3. Deployment of Dietly's client panel to the marketplace with Apple App Store and Google Play Store mobile apps.

Launched a PWA-based customer panel app within 2 weeks, which is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Thanks to it, the management of diet catering order has become much simpler and more convenient, and any last-minute change, which until now had to be reported via the website, can be applied directly in the application. From now on, address changes or delivery days, are available at a glance in the individual and mobile customer panel.