December 15 – International Tea Day

December 15 – International Tea Day

Tea accompanies us almost every day. Poles love this brew in every form, zaróboth hot and iced, in fruit and classic versions. Tea is not only a delicious taste and unique aroma, but also many health-promoting properties. Glovo summarized what types of tea we choose most often, and when and where we order tea most often. We also hint at the properties of its most popular species.

December 15 is International Tea Day. This one of the most popular drinksóin the world is a must-see item on the póthe heart of every Polish cuisine. Appreciated for hundreds of years, it has become a daily morning ritualów, an indispensable companion for holidays, as well as a companion during sickness perturbations. This time of year we love it in warming versions with oranges, spices, ginger and honey. In summer, we are most likely to choose iced teas, whichóritual, right after ice cream, is an obligatory part of it.

What kind of tea do we choose most eagerly and when does the Polish „tea o’clock”?

Glovo data show that the popularity of takeaway tea is growing at an express pace. In 2021, Poles will orderóThey ordered 96% more than in the previous year. Most often we opt for the most popular, black tea. The second choice of Polesów are fruit and herbal infusions such as mint, raspberry, chamomile, lemon balm. Only in the next place on the podium is green tea. A very popular drink is also a chai tea latte, whichóWe prefer to order tea in cafes with delivery directly to our hands. The biggest tea lovers, during dwóch years of age orderóing through the Glovo 646-cup appóin your favorite tea infusion. Most often, tea in the delivery accompanies us in the morning – spadesóThe ritual takes place at 10:00 am. Residents of Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw submit the most of them.

Black tea stimulates and has a disinfectant effect

The most popular, black, has a strong, distinct taste and dark color of the drink. Thanks to its high theine content it stimulates, helps concentration and eliminates the feeling of fatigue. It contains a lot of antioxidants, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, and also helps with problemów stomachs. Protects comórki body against the harmful effects of free radicalsów.

Green tea an ally of weight loss

Gatunków green teas are many, it all depends on its origin, season and day, during which theórej harvested leaves. It has a huge impact on the color of the brew, its intensity of flavor, aroma, as well as its properties. Napój prepared from its leaves is a shot of antioxidantóThe ritual, which is known the world over, is a must for usów, as well as. caffeine. It has been proven that regular drinking of green tea has a positive effect on burning fat, improving complexion or problems with hypertension.

A ritual known all over the world

Tea has accompanied people for hundreds of years, for no wonder – it has many valuable properties. In róIt is drunk in various forms by everyone around the world. Depending on the region, it is often served in a wayób ritualistic, with anointing served in festive tableware. It is an ally of health, and the infusion without additivesóin such as miód, sugar or milk has no calories. In any form, therefore, it is an excellent base for delicious tea drinks, and it is only up to our imagination what flavor we decide on any given day. So let's celebrate her holiday with a cup of aromatic drink!