Qmam kasha” for the end of summer, or how to keep the sun for longer

Qmam kasha” for the end of summer, or how to keep the sun for longer

A properly balanced diet should consist of 5-6 servings productóin cereal daily. Campaign ambassador „I like porridge” – Maia Sobczak, author of the blog „Qmam groats”, through its recipes discovers what potential lies in Polish varieties of groats and suggests what to combine them with in order to tastefully celebrate the end of summer.

The season for groats lasts all year round, but at this time it tastes especiallyólnie well. Maia Sobczak, known for creating unusual flavor compositions and combining fresh vegetables and fruitsów with creamy millet, light corn, nutritious puff or buckwheat, satisfies the appetite of even the most demanding gourmets.

If you are bored with standard sandwiches served for breakfast, I recommend preparing vitamin- and nutrient-rich millet porridge. It has a beneficial effect on immunity, relieves inflammation and slows down the aging process. It tastes best when cooked, for example. In apple juice and served accompanied by hot pear and crunchy rhubarb.

This is a great option to get rid of boredom on the plate and serve your loved ones something delicious and healthy to start the day – encourages Maia Sobczak, campaign ambassador.

Corn groats containing lutein, whichóra neutralizes free radicals that are mainlyów cause of deteriorating eyesight, will be an excellent second breakfast alternative, whichóre can be served to a child at home or packed in a backpack.

Seasonal fruits like plums, boronópeaches or peaches served raw or cooked will go perfectly with the delicate corn groats. Once cooled, we can easily cut it into pieces, put it in a container and give it to a toddler as a nutritious snack for school. Kasha served in this way is sure to taste even the biggest of the non-eaters – mówi blogger.

Oatmeal – the best source ofóThe soluble fiber that gives a feeling of satiety, can be served zaróBoth for breakfast and dinner. As a morning oatmeal, it will taste great with summer fruits, but it can be róalso serve in the form of a tasty smoothie.

Green smoothie, które I prepare with pears accompanied by homemade mint is one
of my favorite suggestions. It is light, creamy in taste and satisfies the appetite for a long time,
In addition, it can successfully replace a sweet snack. Easily quenches our thirst, while providing our body with valuable ingredientsóin nutritional
– adds Maia Sobczak.

Among other things, barley groats have an effect on increasing immunity, thanks to the high amount of zinc and β-glucanów. Barley – which is a variation of it – can be the base for preparing a healthy and tasty dinner.

For those whoóers who care about the line or simply eat healthy, I recommend a barley-based salad with watermelon, peach, generously sprinkled with parsley rich in vitamin C. C. Perfectly nourishes and refreshes the body, and is also beneficial for improving metabolism – encourages the blogger.