To salt or not to salt That is the question

To salt or not to salt That is the question

Life without salt would not be possible. Included in the sóThis is because d is responsible for the proper functioning of the comórec of our body. Due to the ubiquitous sól in products thatóre we consume every day to its deficiency occurs extremely rarely. A more common problem with whichóre which, unfortunately, not everyone is yet aware is its excessive consumption.

Too much salt

Daily salt intake should not exceed 5 g, an amount thatóra fits on a flat tea spoon. The dose of whichóra is sufficient for our comórki functioned properly is only 3.8 g. However, it turns out that every day we far exceed this norm. Eating out, using ready-made productsów, overeating salty snacks and over-seasoning our food causes more than 2.5 grams more salt to enter our bodies every day than needed.

What we can do?

Completely eliminating salt from our diet will firstly be dangerous and secondly completely impossible. Sól is almost everywhere – in the meats you buy in supermarkets, in sauces in bags and jars, in ketchup and seasoning mixes, in fast-food and even in bread and someórych sweets. It is not enough just put down the salt shaker, to significantly reduce the amount of salt consumed. Shop wisely and instead of eating “out on the town” bet on home, healthy meals.

No salt, but tasty

Amongód many of us persist in the notion that non-salty food is food thatóre is tasteless. Móafter all, one sees that only sól allows us to bring out the true flavor of the food. Nothing could be further from the truth. The true taste of food can be felt only when you stop over-seasoning it with salt and spices, których headóin the media, the main ingredient is monosodium glutamate. Two days of salt restriction are enough for our bodies to simply stop demanding it in excess. Healthy meals really can be tasty. Let's simply use herbs and natural spices in place of salt. Basil, tarragon, thyme or ginger will enrich the taste and smell of dishes enough to sól will simply become unnecessary.

It is worth remembering

Finally, some useful pointersówek, whichóre will allow us to reduce the amount of salt added to dishes: