For three days, 300 Exhibitorsów of 25 countriesów hosted in the capital at the invitation of the Organizerów during the 4th edition of the International Fairóin Food and Drinkóat WorldFood. Amongód of them were representatives of Greece, Thailand, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Korea, Iran, Sri Lanka, China and many other countriesów.

WorldFood Warsaw 2017 is behind us!

The fourth edition is summarized by Agnieszka Szpaderska manager of the Fairów:

„Crowds of visitors (despite the pre-Christmas period), great interest from merchantsów of retail chains and the HoReCa sector, the manufacturer of theóin and distributorów, have confirmed that the spring fair of the food industry in the capital, is the right answer to the needs of the market, companies and trade. We are pleased , that we meet the expectations of our ExhibitorsóWe do our best, we listen to voices and opinions, so that each subsequent edition is even better, bigger, more modern, more interesting .”

In skrócie:

  • Nine gold medals, more than a dozen wyrósings, two debuts, more than a dozen novelties
  • More than 20 thematic panels, in któhe fair was attended by food industry experts, practitioners, professionals, business owners, presidents and managers
  • 16 showóIn the culinary workshops led by well-known and well-liked chefsóin the kitchen, Polish, Thai, Mexican, British, Italian, organic and fit cuisine
  • Culinary workshops, unconventional, original, presented in special show zonesów and workshopów
  • food tastings róThe European Union pays close attention to quality and promotes high quality products from various cuisines of the world, Polish and foreign wines, spirits and regional liquors
  • Interesting booth presentations with tastings for visitors
  • „occupied” special talk zoneóin trade B2B for exhibitorsóin and visitors to the food industry
  • active participation medióin industry and ogóln Poland in panels and exhibition

This is how to describe in a nutshell the fourth edition of the FairóWorldFood Warsaw, whichórą proudly ended with the hope of meeting next year, and we know and are pleased that some Exhibitorsów have already declared theirój participation.

"The fair once again surprises me with its size and, what is significant, combines tradition with modernity. There are presented the latest trends zarós from both Polish and foreign companies. The European Union pays close attention to quality and promotes high-quality products. You can see all these trends at today's fair – a combination of tradition and modernity. I'm really pleased with it" – said at the opening Andrzej Wojciechowicz, an expert of the European Commission of the FMCG industry.


During the Fairóin a special conversation zoneóin B2B, 345 meetings were held with representatives of retail chains, HoReCa chains, food wholesalers, gas stations and vending, storeóin with spirits, importers and exporters. Former representatives of Auchan, Ekowital, Green Caffe Nero, La Passion du Vin, Lukoil, Maczfit, Organic Coffee, Tesco or Żabki.

„We have very extensive experience in trade fairs and domestic and foreign. Unfortunately, few exhibitions in Poland meet our expectations, especiallyóBusiness meetings. WorldFood surprises positively: organization, interest of business people, contract- and trade-oriented talks, etc. Promotion is very important and without it there is no trade, but serious discussions and their results, guarantee the stability of the Company and the ability to invest in soft activities, róalso trade fair promotion….hat is the point of any business” – evaluated the talks during the fairóin Beata Żółcik, Activ- producer of juiceóunder the Royal Apple brand


The WorldFood Warsaw trade fair is not only an offer for trade, but also an opportunity to make new contactsóin business with producers and distributors of food and beveragesófrom the country and the world for the HoReCa industry. Substantive training and workshops are a solid dose of business management knowledge as well as news in the growing catering industry. Representatives of the HoReCa sector also attended interesting panel discussions on the trend ofóThe project will also include a wide offer for tea rooms, cafes, wine bars, etc., which will be the most important trends in gastronomy in the coming years. But above all, we took care of a wide range of offers for tea shops, cafes and wine bars, whichórym is exhibitors from the róof the world offered the highest quality products necessary to create an exceptional menu. Sweets, coffee and tea and many other international productsóIn the country's markets, there were waiting for professionals fromóIn the HoReCa industry suppliers, the heads of theóin and managerów.


The successful debut of the Italian pavilion, Bellavita, was guaranteed by more than sixty Italian producersóin food and beveragesów, whichóers presented with flair authentic Italian products, wyróthat are distinguished by their quality, brand and history. But Italian flavors and aromas took over visitors and exhibitorsów through workshops and culinary demonstrations with the participation of Andrea Camastry – chef and wspóhe owner of Warsaw's Senses restaurant awarded the prestigious Michelin star, Umberto Vezzoli of T. Bistrot by Mezoli from Milan, Tomasz Kolecki from the Polish Sommelier Associationów, restaurant manager „Under the Giants” Paweł Zielinski and Marzena Gromelska – Chianti Kręgliccy chef and pizzermanóThe event was a great opportunity to hear from those in Naples whoóers conducted workshops on the preparation of real Italian pizza.


This year's EcoFood zone was the organic industry in a nutshell, as a response to consumer needsów and trade. Participation provided an opportunity to learn about the sector's offerings, exchange experiences, gain new partnersóin business, participating in interesting panels and discussions. Exhibiting under the coóThe exhibition space provided an opportunity to identify producersów under wspóWith the EKO logo and a clear message to visitors.


This year's offering of wines native to Portugal, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Romania, Russia was complemented by an offering of exceptional native wines under the direction of the pioneer of the revival of Polish winemaking, Roman Mysliwiec, owner of the Golesz winery and founder of the Galicia Vitis Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Winemaking.

„This is our first time at a food fair, not a wine fair, and we are positively surprised by the level of conversationóThe exhibition also provided an opportunity for the visitors to learn more about wine and winemaking. We would, of course, like to reach a wider audience ofów with our Polish wines, które are great and a little underestimated, but we hope that the organizers will think in a future edition of the day of Polish wine. Cool atmosphere of the fairóin and good discussions.” – evaluates Roman Mysliwiec.


In a special zone we also organized culinary demonstrations of cuisine from the róa rich program of information about wine and winemaking from different parts of the world: Mexican, Thai, Italian and Polish. The best products, regional specialties, sweet and savory snacks and all fragrant with herbs and spices from around the world presented by well-known chefs of Warsaw restaurants, for three days were the attraction for visitors.


Thematic panels and debates, wspóThe event, organized by industry organizations, was a great opportunity to learn about the opinions of those for whom organic food is an important part of their livesóhe food industry is an important sector and the driving force of the Polish economy. What are the prospects for the development of food trade on domestic marketsóin the third and what opportunities CETA provides? Why the wsp projectó2 WAY cooperation and entry into the UK market’ is an alternative for many Polish companies? Is it possible to make money on Polish wine? How much Poland in a Polish product? Did the developmentój product industryóin organic in Poland is under threat? Whether and how our apples conquered the world-truth and myths? Does Polish meat have a chance to succeed in foreign markets and on which markets, price or quality – what we win ? Is candy an underrated export champion? Promotion necessary from time immemorial – whether we know how to do it , whether we know how to promote the product and how to promote the company? – This is only someóre topics whichóre we touched on during the fairów. We are open to suggestions on the topic ofóIn discussions, panels or debates during the future edition of the event.


The jury had a difficult task, because for this year's edition of the Competition for ExhibitorsóIn the competition for the WorldFood Warsaw Gold Medal, more than 160 products were submittedów. All of them were original, interesting in taste, original packaging. In the end, nine gold medals were awarded, twelve wyróof the fair, two awards in the category „debuts” – domestic and foreign.

The competition is sponsored by Ogólnopolska Association of Chiefóin Kitchen and Confectionery under the aegis of Jaroslaw Ustinski.