Be culinarily strong in pickling

Be culinarily strong in pickling

The trend of taking care of one's body, not only its appearance, but also its diet has taken hold in Poland for good. We are happy to reach for local fruits and vegetables from proven sourcesódeł. We also return to traditional food storage methods – Such as pickles and preserves – convinces Aleksandra Damentko, Bank nutritionistóin Food and action coordinator „Culinarily Strong”.

Health fashions?

Healthy eating is not a fad, but an increasingly strong trend. We are more and more careful in reading the composition of productsów and select preservative-free foodsów and chemical enhancers. We also boldly depart from the ready-made store productsów for home productsów. We bake our own bread, knead pasta, as well as próWe try our hand at preparations by making e.g. homemade pickles. They are not only tasty, healthier than those któWe are increasingly careful to read the ingredients of products, including those found in stores, but also very simple to make. To prepare them, all you need are basic vegetables, a handful of aromatic herbsół and spices and a bit of time, so that they acquire a characteristic sour taste. What is important – we know the composition of the pickles and decide for ourselves what will be in the jar. We can adjust the amount of sugar, salt, and experiment with spices to „turn up the” their taste.

Very healthy pickles

Autumn and winter is the time when weórhyme detailsólnie we should take care of our immunity. This is not easy, as the range of available vegetables that are sources ofóThe dish is a source of valuable vitamins and componentsóin minerals, is not as wide as in summer. – It is important that in this „difficult” time, use the productów pickled. First of all, they contain a lot of vitamin C, but they are also a rich source ofóGave vitamins B1, B2, B3, które regulate metabolism and facilitate digestion. Pickled vegetables and fruits also have a beneficial effect on our beauty, strengthen hair and nails and contain a lot of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The biggest advantage of pickles (ogórków, cabbage) is the presence in them of probiotic bacteria, produced in the manner ofób natural in the fermentation process. These are lactic acid bacteria, whichóre regulate the bacterial flora in the intestines, support digestion and protect against disease. They are what give the characteristic sour taste. Importantly – naturally pickled products do not lose vitamins and mineralsóIn the same way as you would for cooking or frying. So let's use seasonal giftsóin nature and prepare supplies for the winter to become „Culinarily strong”. Nutrition, according to the seasons is the best way toób to always eat what is currently the healthiest and tastiest on the Polish market – This is precisely the approach taught by educators from the Bankóin Food, as part of the action „Culinarily strong” show you how to make preserves from seasonal vegetables using aromatic herbsół and spices – explains Aleksandra Damentko, nutritionist at the Bankóin Food and coordinator of the action „Culinarily Strong”.

The jarred zawrót head

It is in autumn that the real preserves madness begins. Many productsów, with whichórych you can make supplies for the winter is just emerging and will be available at affordable prices for the near future. To make preparationsóit is worth to get a large amount of jarredów and labels to describe everything well. Autumn vegetables are sure to not only beat colds, but also make chilly evenings more pleasant when we lack fresh fruitów and vegetables.