What is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS server

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS server

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS server?

A hosting service is a solution whereby we can run a website using the equipment of external companies – we don't have to set up our own server. First of all, it is a big savings, but it also comes with other benefits, such as not having to take care of the hardware or update the software. Solutions designed for demanding services are dedicated and VPS servers. How they differ?

VPS or dedicated server?

As part of the server service, you get access to certain resources of the machine. The cheapest such proposition is a shared server, which is also the simplest hosting service. In this case, up to thousands of users can access the resources of a single machine. How many resources they are entitled to depends on which service package they opt for. This solution works only for low-demanding websites, such as a blog, a company website or a small portal, which are visited by a maximum of a few thousand users per day. If you are going to run a store, a social network or a very popular portal, then you need a server service with far greater capabilities.

The first option is a VPS server, or Virtual Private Server. In this case, too, there is a sharing of the machine's resources among multiple users, but there are many times fewer of them than in the case of a shared server. Although VPS is a virtual server, but with guaranteed computing power. It has its own system of files, users, resources or processes. The key change that comes with choosing this service is that you have more options as a user, i.e. you do not have so many restrictions. You can create your own set of system software, as well as choose the operating system to be installed on your virtual machine. Which system you can install on your server depends on the virtualization method used to create it. If it was a couple of virtualization then you are limited to operating systems from the same family as the base system, while in the case of full virtualization you have no restrictions in this regard – you can choose any system you like. Another plus of a VPS is that the performance resources for it are strictly defined. When you should choose a VPS? In the case of running a web store, a site visited by several thousand users a day and any service that requires more resources than you can get on a shared server.

Which service is being referred to in the case of a dedicated server? When you decide on such an offer, you get all the resources of the machine at your disposal. This is the most advanced version of the hosting service. You choose the set of software that suits you, you can also install one of many operating systems. You choose the offer, taking into account the parameters of the machine, rather than limitations, as is the case with a shared server. Such a service will work perfectly for running a social networking site, a very popular web store, online radio or web TV. Does it require specialized knowledge? In theory, yes, but thanks to a solution like Plesk Panel, server management doesn't have to be difficult at all. Why? It is the most popular system of its kind in the world. With its help you can easily create virtual servers, install CMS systems and other applications, as well as set up email boxes, FTP accounts and more. So, dedicated servers may be easy enough to use that you can manage them without the help of a specialist.