Implementation of Responsive Web Design for Raben Group by.

Implementation of Responsive Web Design for Raben Group by.

Implementation of Responsive Web Design for Raben Group by

Best in cooperation with Raben Group implemented a new version of its website. The raben-group website.The com was optimized using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology. The goal of the project was to get the right image size on all screen resolutions, both on desktop and mobile devices.


Raben Group is a European logistics company operating in 10 countries, and the raben-group offers as many as 12 language versions. The main idea behind this project was to transform the current website and optimize it for multiple resolutions and different devices. recommended that based on three so-called. breakpoints to take advantage of the RWD approach.

Implementation process

It is standard for this type of implementation to use the concept of „mobile first”, which involves building a site starting with a mobile version and then further expanding its functionality for wider screens. For, so as not to design the site from scratch the team modernized the way the portal is displayed on smaller resolutions.

First of all, the site had to be adapted to RWD requirements. As a result of these actions, the welcome page (splash page) and the rest of the portal’s subpages were adapted to the HTML5 standard, thus abandoning all elements made in flash technology.

Then, as a result of the audit, the most relevant content and information modules were selected, defining the foundations of each version. The remaining content, depending on the possibilities and space provided by the resolution, was removed or rewritten.

Having already defined the content framework for each version, they proceeded to adjust the way they are displayed. First of all, the main menu was changed, which in the mobile versions takes the form of a single button that allows you to expand the content. Banners presenting Raben Group’s individual offers have also been simplified, creating an intuitive list at smaller resolutions. In addition, cosmetic improvements were made to elements that require high click accuracy, such as. search engine to adjust their accessibility for touchscreen users.

Below the site’s navigation zone, an area dedicated to Raben Group’s current customers was detailed. The zone, which includes links to the mobile app, contact form and other necessary functionalities in versions adapted to smaller resolutions, displays the full width of the screen. Immediately below it are tabs for news, events and CSR updates, which on devices with larger matrices display at the same height as the customer area.


– Based on data from Google Analytics, the increase in the number of visitors to the website from devices other than a computer is noticeable, and in the comparable period of 2012 and 2013, it increased by 500 percent. – states Sylwia Tylinska, marketing manager of Raben Group, coordinating the implementation of the new solution.