Andrzej Polan teaches how to cook porridge

Andrzej Polan teaches how to cook porridge

Ogóln Poland campaign „I like porridge – groats on stóI like groats and how to combine them to achieve the desired effect” is taking off for the third time to remind us what a valuable source ofóThe bottom of vitamins and mineralsów is kasha, and suggest how to introduce it permanently into our diet throughout the year. The preparation of dishes based on groats will be encouraged by its expert and chef – Andrzej Polan.

According to a study by the Central Statistical Office1, for many years the average monthly consumption of groats in Poland has been declining from year to year. In 2007. amounted to 0.17 kg per person, so that in 2012. reach 0.13 kg. Not until 2013. There was a slight increase to 0.14 kg. This, however, according to an expertów, still not much, considering the health and nutritional qualities of groats, whichóra is a rich source ofóThe kasha is a source of dietary fiber and many valuable ingredientsóin minerals and vitamins.

The third edition of the campaign will remind people of what a valuable and tasty product groats are „I like groats – groats on stó³, for health, every day”. It is intended to encourage Polesów to eat groats regardless of the season and convince them of its valueóin flavor, thanks to the culinary ideas of a well-known and respected chef – Andrzej Polan. During the campaign, it will show how to prepare rót he different types of groats and what to combine them with to achieve the desired effect.

– I'm a great lover of porridge, so I'm glad to have the opportunity for another year to disenchant its image. As part of the virtual cooking school and workshopóin culinary „Under the sign of groats” I want to share my knowledge and experience, discovering new faces of this product. I am confident that my indicationsóThe funds and ideas will help to effortlessly prepare excellent dishes with groats, whichóra will be on our table more often – mówi Andrzej Polan, campaign expert.

In the third edition „I like groats…” will again be attended by nutritionist Katarzyna Foszner, whoóra will continue to convince people to eat porridge frequently because of its health benefits.

– Groats are a product full of secrets, whichóre we want to discover commonólnie with its lovers. Still underestimated by Polish consumersów, is likely to become an inspiration on the plate of those whoóers care about a healthy lifestyle and are not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. During the campaign we will encourage everyone to share culinary ideas for porridge with us – móAgnieszka Falba-Galkowska, Director of the Office of the Federation of Trade Unionsóin Manufactureróin Agricultural.

Information about groats and author's recipes will be available at www.lubiekasze.en

The organizer of the activities, financed with fundsóin the Grain Promotion Fundó┼╝ i Przetworóin Cereals, is the Federation of Sectoral Unionsów Produceróin Agricultural.