Internet monitoring and customer service automation increased sales at Mobile Vikings by 70%

Internet monitoring and customer service automation increased sales at Mobile Vikings by 70%

Internet monitoring and customer service automation have increased sales at Mobile Vikings by 70%

Activities have been ongoing since March 2020 and will continue into 2021.

Media used:

Online and mobile


Increasing the reach of Mobile Vikings information online.


Mobile Vikings is a mobile operator whose offer includes prepaid telecommunications services and mobile internet. It does not advertise through traditional mass media such as television, and its marketing and sales activity is almost entirely limited to online channels.

Due to this business model, which is unusual for our reality, the company faced the challenge of reaching the widest possible audience and increasing brand recognition. That’s why it decided to use SentiOne, a Polish company that supports brands in internet monitoring and customer service automation using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Thanks to the use of an advanced natural language understanding engine, they recognize the intentions of speech authors with an accuracy of 96% and are able to indicate the accompanying emotions – joy, sadness, anger, disappointment and even sarcasm. Every day they collect and analyze more than 40 million mentions from public domains around the world, such as social media, forums, news sites and blogs.

Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, Mobile Vikings has decided to focus on local charitable and environmental efforts. Company m.In. Adopted a wolf from the Wroclaw Zoo, financed the purchase of COVID-19 tests for the Wroclaw Hospice of St. John of God and supported Poland’s first TARA horse shelter.

On the other hand, the special Viking Support project created for the pandemic was designed to help fight the coronavirus. Used the company’s help desk to organize a hotline for people who needed help with everyday things like shopping or walking their dog while in quarantine. Support was carried by volunteers from various organizations, and often by Mobile Vikings employees themselves.

During the lockdowns, they also organized a Virusong campaign, encouraging people to record and share songs on social media about what upsets people who are locked out of their homes the most, to help defuse negative emotions and make them aware that they are not alone in them. The reactions and comments of Internet users on the company’s actions were monitored all the time, and the next planned actions were modified on an ongoing basis based on the effects of the previous ones.


Ongoing monitoring of the response to the company’s activities has brought instant results. Compared to the 12 months prior to its introduction, Mobile Vikings’ monthly reach increased by 300% on average, and monthly sales by 70%.