Does sugar really have so many calories

Does sugar really have so many calories

Many indicates sugar in the diet as one of the biggest factorsóin causing weight gain. Pointing to only one culprit of excessive body weight is very convenient, although not entirely true. The mere exclusion of sugar from the diet will not cause a person suffering from obesity to suddenly become slim. Maintaining a healthy body weight is influenced by many more factorsów.

Sugar – calories, whichóre fattening?

Sugar, like anything else consumed in excess, is harmful. Especially unfavorable for health is sugar added abundantly to ready-made sweets and beveragesów. However, we are not always dealing with classic white sugar, but often with aspartame. Then it is the epitome of empty calories. However, it is worth bearing in mind that natural sugars found in unprocessed products are something different from sugars added to foodów. Whether sugar is fattening depends on the sourceódła and the amount of calories consumed.

Recommendations in relation to sugar intake

Natural sugars in foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables, róare sugarów being an additional ingredient in foodów and foods. Any type of sugar or syrup added to food, whether at the table or in the preparation of dishes, is called added sugar. Natural sugar has swój contribution to the minimum recommended intake of carbohydratesów during the day. While in the case of added sugar, it is recommended to limit its consumption to a maximum of 6 teaspoons (women) and 9 teaspoons (men). However, there is no need to go into exaggeration. While one teaspoon of white sugar has 16 calories, miód – widely regarded as healthy – has as many as 21 of them. Therefore, people on a reduction diet should avoid zaróBoth one and the other sweetener.

Sugar and weight gain

Many osób thinks she will be able to lose weight more easily after giving up sugar. Meanwhile, eliminating this ingredient from the diet does not solve the head of theóof the serious problem of an oversupply of calories relative to the body's needs. Only leading to a caloric deficit situation can result in gradual weight loss. On the other hand, sugar by itself, consumed in moderation, will not cause either weight gain or weight lossów. Blaming sugar as the sole culprit of overweight is therefore not fair. It is worth taking a closer look at what we consume during the day. The penchant for fatty, fried meats, white bread, highly processed ready meals and appetite-enhancing alcohol – herein lies the cause of the problemów overweight. Very important in maintaining a healthy weight is avoiding snacking between meals and following a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruitsów.