Vegetable and fruit cocktail vertigo

Vegetable and fruit cocktail vertigo

Easy to prepare, colorful and healthy – cocktails! Composed on the basis of seasonal, Polish vegetables and fruitsów provide many of the vitamins and ingredients needed in the dietóin nutritional. Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska argues about the valuable properties of cocktails and the benefits of including them in your daily diet – expert on. campaign nutrition „Time for tomato, or how not to love Polish vegetables and fruitsów”.

At the beginning of 2016, the New Pyramid of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity appeared. Shifting vegetables and fruitsóin the first place among theód productów foods recommended for consumption means that they should make up at least half of what we eat.

Salads, surómeals or side dishesów or sandwiches are standard forms of incorporating vegetables and fruitsóinto the daily diet. However, if you want to diversify the menu, you can bet on trendy cocktails – An easily digestible form of providing vitamins and minerals to the bodyóin mineral. The benefit of this way of preparing mealsów is an opportunity to consume vegetables and fruitsóin the mainóraw, which allows to extract from them the maximum nutritional value they contain in themselves.

Wanting to make a nutritious smoothie – good for breakfast, whichóry will give power and energy for the whole morning, you can prepare napój based on yogurt or kefir (as a source of vitamins and minerals)óprotein-bearing dishes), add nuts and fruits such as peaches, nectarines, apricots or plums, które have in their composition the most sugaróin simple. Of the vegetables for this type of cocktail, carrots and beets are worthy of recommendation. Add róThe most nutritious foods are cereals, such as. Jagella or oatmeal or bran. This will enrich the meal with additional nutritional value and provide a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Cocktail can be róalso a real vitamin bomb. Simply blend blueberries, apple, raspberries, strawberries and currants. Of vegetables – for variety – You can reach for tomato, beet, kale, spinach or parsley. Such a vitamin infusionóThe meal should consist of at least four ingredientsów.

An excellent set for improving immunity will be a smoothie with parsley, cabbage, tomatoów, kale and bell peppers, seasoned with garlic. When choosing fruits, you can reach for boronówka, cranberries, raspberries, cherries and currants.

Regular consumption of fruit and vegetable smoothies can significantly contribute
to improve the condition of the body and positively affect our mood. Such a healthy and colorful infusionój are sure to please and taste róThe meal should consist of at least four ingredientsóers will be able to compose it themselves from their favorite vegetables and fruitsów. Thanks to the fact that they are easy to prepare and extremely tasty, they can be an alternative to a second breakfast, afternoon snack or snack during the day. They also come in handy while at school, at work, and while on the goóry. I encourage us to freely mix Polish seasonal vegetables and fruits in cocktails and take advantage of their beneficial properties
– convinces Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska, an expert in the field of nutrition. campaign nutrition „ Time for tomato”.

For beauty it is recommended that the cocktail is prepared on the basis of such vegetables and fruitsów as carrots, pumpkin, apple, strawberry or pear. In turn, green kale, parsley, ogórek, tomato, spinach and cranberries are excellent for cleansing the body. Taking advantage of the power of raspberries, boróvegetables, spinach or pickled beetsów can significantly affect the acceleration of metabolism.

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